Do you belive that Bridgewater Made on nov 2019 a $1.5 Billion Options Bet on Falling Market by March 2020 ?

According to an article posted on Nov. 22nd 2019 on Wall street journal (https://www.wsj.com/articles/bridgewater-bets-big-on-market-drop-11574418601)

The Bridgewater Associates LP, World’s largest hedge fund, takes on a big bearish trade; its founder Ray Dalio has been ringing alarm bells about what he has described as a market where investors are flush with cash because of monetary policy but haven’t been discerning about investment strategies. Last November, he said, at world economic forum, the system is broken and warned that investors were “buying dreams rather than earnings and stocks.”

He has bet more than $1 billion that stock markets around the world (specially EURO-ZONE) will fall by March.

The wager, assembled over a span of months and executed by a handful of Wall Street firms, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, would pay off for the world’s biggest hedge fund if either the S&P 500 or the Euro Stoxx 50 — or both — declines.

At moment, still too many short options betting on the crash of the economy by the multi-billionaires of Wallstreet until the end of March. The richest men on the planet had bet on it as early as the end of November.

Do you think it is a coincidence or that it depends on the COVID19? Among other things, we heard the virus “escaped” from the Chinese laboratory controlled by the WHO as early as September 2019, only that the news has been released since the end of November… Same guys announced “pandemy” on March 11th (https://twitter.com/WHO/status/1237777021742338049) and few hours, pandemic effect, just triggered fear generating a world sale off escalation pushing the world’s economy back to 90s.

All smartest Brokers, in order to avoid the “margin call” flashed to sell the unique assets showing profits by that time …. I guess what .. BTC first, and Gold right away, to recover loses on other stock assets and index.

But the few super smart guys played sort on CFDs gaining twice…

Whales still have huges sell orders ar rounded numbers, while retails still shoving sentiment to keep buying BTC.

BTC, have shown as best asset of last decade, big players know that and even they are concern of it, they will keep speculate manipulating trends.









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